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Fredrick Marion interviews Meredith Doench for

Centerville author finds success with thrillers” Dayton Daily News feature article by Sharon Short

Author Interview: Meredith Doench with Bold Strokes Books



from The Lesbian Review

“This may have been Doench’s first book, but it is written so confidently with a multilayered story, that it is difficult to believe her a novice.”

from The Lesbian Review

“What’s not to love? This is a proper police procedural with lesbian characters that is not propped up by a romance. I’m ecstatic that this kind of book is being created, it shows how much the lesbian fiction market has grown in the last few years. This book gives lesbians (and others) a really good story that you would probably see on Law and Order, CSI or Rizzoli and Ilses without the hetro-normative characters or the need to ‘ship characters.”

"3 Books with Incidental Lesbians" - The Lesbian Talk Show Podcast

If you love crime fiction or television shows you will love this book, but do not go in expecting a romance. Readers of James Patterson, Sue Grafton and the like will enjoy this book.


Queercentric recommends: Crossed by Meredith Doench

I highly recommend Crossed, which turned out to be a great freshman thriller from Doench. While there was not a lot of romance, prepare yourself for an emotional ride filled with disturbing scenes that show a lack human decency; a ride that also makes multiple explorations into the human psyche. ~Jay Chase