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Centerville author finds success with thrillers” Dayton Daily News feature article by Sharon Short 

Author Interview: Meredith Doench with Bold Strokes Books

Author enjoys release of 3rd novel in series Dayton Daily News feature article by Sharon Short for Deadeye 

 “An Interview with Meredith Doenchby Christina Consolino  



MEC reviews Deadeye - Meredith Doench

Deadeye is another strong book in the Luce Hansen series.   I’m torn between wanting things to end with Luce finding a level of contentment and continuing the series and putting Luce through more soul-searching.   Either would make me happy – as long as Doench keeps writing more books as engaging and satisfying as these first three have been.”

In Bug's Own Words

Deadeye is definitely worth a read, as either a stand-alone or serialised. Regardless, I defo recommend “Crossed” and “Forsaken Trust” to fans of the crime/thriller/mystery genre, which like “Deadeye,” could also be read as stand-alones, too. Although, as I said, for those who’re curious about Hansen’s story besides the fascinating criminal cases featured in all three installments, I’d strongly advise reading them in chronological order. Luce Hansen is one fascinating and captivating character to explore as Doench has richly personified her emotionally and psychologically with utter aplomb! So, give it a read!”

from The Lesbian Review, Deadeye

“I must tip my coffee cup to Meredith Doench because she started off this captivating story with a big bang and I was reluctant to put my kindle down to be a responsible adult and go to work on time. There’s nothing that I love more than getting sucked into a thriller with a psychological twist!”

from C-Spot Reviews, Forsaken Trust

Doench’s writing is top notch – there’s an authenticity and realness in her depictions of the seedier side of the town and inhabitants and she inserts a grittiness to the the crimes that involve women who have been victims for far longer than just the moment that they were murdered.”

from The Lesbian Review, Crossed

“This may have been Doench’s first book, but it is written so confidently with a multilayered story, that it is difficult to believe her a novice.”

from The Lesbian Review

“What’s not to love? This is a proper police procedural with lesbian characters that is not propped up by a romance. I’m ecstatic that this kind of book is being created, it shows how much the lesbian fiction market has grown in the last few years. This book gives lesbians (and others) a really good story that you would probably see on Law and Order, CSI or Rizzoli and Ilses without the hetro-normative characters or the need to ‘ship characters.”

"3 Books with Incidental Lesbians" - The Lesbian Talk Show Podcast

If you love crime fiction or television shows you will love this book, but do not go in expecting a romance. Readers of James Patterson, Sue Grafton and the like will enjoy this book.


Queercentric recommends: Crossed by Meredith Doench

“I highly recommend Crossed, which turned out to be a great freshman thriller from Doench. While there was not a lot of romance, prepare yourself for an emotional ride filled with disturbing scenes that show a lack human decency; a ride that also makes multiple explorations into the human psyche.” ~Jay Chase

MEC reviews Crossed - Meredith Doench

“I’ve been struggling with how to describe how much I enjoyed this book and why without giving too much away.   Suffice it to say this is a really great book and I’m chomping at the bit to start the second one now.”