Special Agent Luce Hansen of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation has a gift: the ability to track serial killers.  Under the guidance of Director Colby Sanders, Luce is willing to risk almost everything for justice.  The ghosts of her past, however, are never far.  No matter how many serial killers Luce stops, she can’t save the one person who changed her life forever: Marci Tucker, Luce’s first love, whom she found murdered the summer they were both sixteen.

Forsaken Trust
(Book II Luce Hansen Series):

Wallace Lake, Ohio, takes care of their own. Unwelcoming of outsiders, the community closes ranks when four women are found murdered along the water’s edge. Agent Luce Hansen of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation must find a way in before another woman loses her life to the ruthless serial killer.

With the help of her new team—a hot rookie and a smart, beautiful medical examiner—Luce uncovers a ring of devotion surrounding the prime suspect. As Luce works to unearth the dark secrets of this close-knit town, she learns to what extraordinary lengths people will go to protect the ones they love. And when Luce feels forsaken, both professionally and personally, she must regain trust in her most valuable investigative tool: herself.


(Book I Luce Hansen Series):

Agent Luce Hansen returns home to Willow's Ridge to catch a serial killer who has been murdering young women. It's the case she's been waiting for, the case that compels her to return to the small town she turned her back on nineteen years ago, the case she plans to ride from the Ohio BCI all the way to the FBI. It’s the case worth risking her shaky relationship with her lover, Rowan. 

But the horrors of the case recall the unsolved murder of Luce's first girlfriend, and Luce is forced to confront the local ex-gay ministry that haunted her youth. When the past crosses the present, Luce lose everything she's worked so hard to build?

-- 2nd place winner of the 2015 IndieFab Award

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